Dr. Amira El Saeed Agag
Dr. Amira El Saeed Agag

Corporate Governance Officer, MENA
IFC, World Bank Group

Amira El Saeed Agag is leading IFC Advisory Services’ Corporate Governance projects in the
Middle East and North Africa (MENA), World Bank.
She focuses on providing technical assistance and advisory services to financial institutions,
family owned businesses, SMEs and listed companies on good corporate governance practices,
in particular through corporate governance assessments and improvement plans, as well as
training events. In addition to advising private sector, she is working closely with regulators,
intermediaries, and companies to enhance their understanding of the business case for
corporate governance; enable investors to improve corporate governance practices of their
investee companies; advising regulators to develop an effective corporate governance
frameworks; and building/supporting intermediaries, such as institutes of directors, training
institutes and local consultancies, to provide training and advise their clients on corporate
Amira has contributed substantially to the creation and business/financial sustainability of
corporate governance service providers/institutes in MENA.
She has significant academic and hands-on experience in the training field, and education; as a
visiting faculty in the American University in Cairo, Lecturer, and training lead faculty.
Amira has presented in various Regional and International conferences, and written
numerous papers, publications and articles on corporate governance-related topics in various
local, regional and international economic newspapers and magazines.
She holds an MBA with grade distinction in finance, and a doctorate Degree in Business
Administration; she is trained by International Finance Institute, Kellogg School of
Management, and INSEAD.