André Küüsvek
André Küüsvek

Director, Local Currency and Capital Markets Development (LC2)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

André Küüsvek has been the Director for Local Currency and Capital Markets Development since late 2012. His earlier career with the EBRD includes being a Country Director in Ukraine in 2008-2013 and in Kazakhstan in 2004-2008. Before this, André led project teams investing equity and debt in financial institutions across Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS from 1996-2004. At that time he was also the EBRD's bank-wide coordinator for capital markets and stock exchanges, as well as the financial sector coordinator for several countries. 

André started his banking career as one of the first commercial bankers in Estonia, heading the international departments of Commercial Bank of Tartu and Bank of Tallinn in the early 1990s. He then moved to Germany, working for a private bank Schröder Münchmeyer Hengst, and for Dresdner Bank until being hired by EBRD in 1996. André has served on the boards of over 30 banks, insurance companies, equity funds and enterprises. 

An Estonian national, André graduated from Tallinn Technical University, studying also in Hungary, Finland and Germany. He is also a graduate of Estonian Business School and Stockholm School of Economics. André is married with three children.